Moving Day

2011 01/19

Dear readers, (yes both of you)

I’m in the process of moving the blog over to  Don’t be terrified when the redirect goes live.



Arduino Hobby Kit

2011 01/13

4 8 15 16 23 42

2011 01/09

I want to bitch about this stupidness.  Apparently thousands of people play these numbers in the lottery every day, just because they were featured in a television show.

I don’t even want to attack how dumb it is to play the lottery, we can take that as a given, I think.  And I don’t think any set of numbers is really any dumber than any other set of numbers.  I’m sure every number set has the same incredibly miniscule chance of actually getting picked.

But to play these numbers, knowing that countless others are also going to be playing them, is adding another immaculate layer of stupid onto an already stupid cake.  You guys realize you’ll all have to split your winnings, right?

Rabbit Hole

2010 12/31

How to Attend Any Party ANYWHERE

2010 12/18

If I had recorded the whole party through Alan’s iChat eyes, that would’ve been worth editing down into a weird short film.  My heart breaks at the MISSED OPPORTUNITY.  Here’s what I did capture: The idea being born!

Someone Needs to Write an Essay About This:

2010 12/14

Whoever was writing this essay could dub this phenomenon “Decapitation Cropping,” or even better, “Decropitation.” They could use awesome terms they learned in Contemporary Feminism 302 like “De-personification” and “Male Gaze.”

I would read that essay, I would.

Blog, I’ve been cheating on you at work:

2010 12/13

Here’s a post I wrote on The Top 10 Hanukkah Movies of All Time:

Honorable Mention: 8 Crazy Nights.

You can find some other stuff I’ve contributed here.