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Sandwhiched inside the funnest 2 weeks of my life was a field trip to this world war 2 concentration camp. Terezin stands as a monument to nazis asshole-ness. It feels like you don’t belong, like no one could ever possibly belong in a place that evil. Especially hippies, stoners, and skateboarders. Of all the people that come from around the world to pay homage to the crimes of the past, it didn’t feel like we were the right emissaries.

German school children go on field trips to the camps every year and learn about their dark history. That makes sense, but they’re just kids. When I was their age I went to Canobee Lake Park. Watching them walk around the place just aching to have fun doesn’t fly. They still drink milk for god’s sake. They have lunch boxes. They giggle.

On the other hand, I don’t know who could possibly go and feel like they belong. Better to know that you don’t.

There was some levity on the trip in the form of an adorable kitten that guarded the gate, but the larger point remains. Nazis are douchey.

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