videos, more.

What I thought would be a big deal has met with great enthusiasm from the members of the troop I’ve talked to. Meeting’s tomorrow, where I’ll pitch shooting a video every Friday for the rest of this semester. That’s a lot of videos.

Not just new stuff either. That’ll take priority of course, but because we’ve focused so much on stage sketches, we have this massive catalogue of good old sketches that we want to make videos out of. This is a great and exciting new policy for the troop, I think. Instead of picking one option, we’ll embrace both. Perform the live sketch, then post the video. I feel a little bad for the 50-100 people who have come to our shows and will already know all the jokes for these sketches. But there are plenty more people out there that would enjoy them, as offensive and disgusting as some of them are.

We’ll see how the whole troop reacts at the general meeting tomorrow. It’s a lot more work, especially for the better actors. Not to mention me. Shit.

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