New Mexico Slideshow

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First was a cousin’s wedding. I didn’t like that Zehra cried at the ceremony, so I put green chili in my eye and cried at the reception. Oh man, green chili is so good. We tried to bring some back, but ended up with salsa verde. Disappointment.

Then there was a lot of driving. I read Frank Miller’s 300. That was nice.

There are a ridiculous amount of art museums in Santa Fe. I swear it’s the museum capital of the world. It’s hard to sneak a picture in most of those places though. Fascist curators. I understand that flash photography can damage art over time, and that most people are too stupid to be trusted, but if you see me taking non-flash photos, why do you have to be a dick and ruin the fun? You don’t.

Then we hit up Taos Pueblo, which used to be a Pueblo, but now just pretends to be one for tourists. They park their pickup trucks behind the adobe architecture.

Then Dar Al Islam, the only Mosque in the state of New Mexico. It’s weird. Private compound, out in the middle of nowhere, feels like you’re visiting the Karesh’s or something. But then you go inside and they’re running a summer camp.

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