Summer Blockbusters

It’s that time of the year again. The time when the sun burns hotter and America retreats to air conditioned theaters en masse. The time when video store clerks and movie geeks have nightly wet dreams.

Summer. Movies. Are. Coming.

Since I’m suddenly all about graphs, here’s one that illustrates a normal person’s desire to see these movies.

A Norm’s Desire to See Summer Movies

Norm Graph

A norm wants to see anything that crosses into the blue background. These are the films that are being heavily advertised already. The cinema events that even a suburban consciousness can’t escape.

Compare that to:

A Film Nerd’s Desire to See Summer Movies

Film Geek Graph

Obviously, the film geek focuses on many more movies, but the most statistically significant difference here is the placement of the red “don’t care about” demarcation. A film geek is generally more tolerant of disinterest and is willing to see a larger variety of cinema.

This particular film geek is going to be out a lot of money come September.

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