CatchphrasesFor the period of 1 year I kept track of my catchphrases. It came naturally, I simply recognized when I was saying something so much that it reached a “catchphrase” level of over-saturation. From there, all it took was a simple excel spreadsheet, some free time, and a willingness to admit that I’m utterly pathetic.

2005 06/01 – “Gay.”
2005 07/23 – “Deal with it. Rock and Roll.”
2005 09/06 – “Heh-Heh. Allllriiiight.”
2005 10/14 – “Booyakasha!”
2005 10/22 – “It was cool, but can you imagine doobie-in’ your funk?”
2005 11/22 – “Hulk SMASH!”
2006 01/01 – “Booyakasha!” (again)
2006 02/01 – “COME ON!”
2006 04/08 – “Oooooh, Racist.”
2006 05/10 – “Fact!”
2006 05/29 – “Snakes on a Plane.”

Catchphrase Timeline Illustration

That’s it, a full year in the life of D. Co’s catchphrases. Looking back on it, I’m amazed that I said some of that stuff with great repetition.

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