Baseball Cap Win Percentage

red sox hatBaseball is a superstitious game. It’s not uncommon for you, as a fan, to associate whether you’re sitting or standing, or wearing your hat inside out, or whether you’ve eaten a donut that day, with the success and failure of your favorite team. Back when I used to wear baseball caps, and was an especially die hard Red Sox fan, I took to measuring the effect of my greatest baseball superstition. Over the course of 3 years I kept track of the Red Sox winning percentage as it related to whatever hat I had chosen to wear that day.

In a excel spreadsheet labeled “HatWin%” I still have the data which shows that my Portland Sea Dogs cap (the Sox AA minor league affiliate) had the most effective long term winning percentage of all my sox-related headwear with a 0.625 winning percentage over a period of no less than 64 games!

Furthermore, I found that the effect of buying a new hat would coincide with team hot streaks, as their record would improve during the first month of hat wear and gradually tail off over an extended period.

Now, perhaps the phrase, “I love the sox so much I need to buy a new hat,” is only spoken during team hot streaks and sure, as sample size expands their record is destined for some reversion. Those things are all beside the point. The point is: I’m a huge nerd.

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