Common Names

Earlier in the week I was having a discussion about this exceptionally unexceptional name of mine. There were anecdotes about the other Daniel Cohen I went to camp with, and the Daniel Cohens I went to Emerson with, but in the end my friend Jessica, who likes to turn everything into a competition, shocked us all by turning it into a competition.

As one of many, many Dan Cohens, I am immune to being googled, but not Wolfram Alpha’d:



Daniel+Jessica 2

Combined with the stats on Cohen (surname), there are very probably 75 people alive today in the United States named after or before me, and that number seems a little low. Thankfully, my parents blessed me with a weird and wonderful middle name: Oets.

Googling “Oets” nets you the subtle suggestion that you’ve made a typo attempting to spell “poets,” and after that you’re wading into my family lineage. Uncle Oets is there, and the great grandfather I’m named after. Meanwhile, Wolfram Alpha says:


Damn that feels good.

One Response to Common Names

  1. Daniel Cohen says:

    Not only in the US, also through Europe, you will find lots of Daniel Cohens living around. I live at Seville, I’m spanish, and I have found at least 3 other Daniel Cohens during my life in Andalusia. It’s funny that Daniel Cohen is a name as frequent as i.e. José Gómez in Spain.

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