Coachella 2010

I’m hardly prepared, even after a week of recovery, to fully summarize Coachella, but a brief description for the uninitiated:

During the day you slow roast in the desert heat, stopping occasionally to cool yourself with over-priced beer.  As the sun sets and the air gets comfortable, the population of the hipster fugee camp that is “tent city” explodes into the concert area, and you find yourself desperately bobbing and weaving through the crowd, tripping over passed out lumps of people, and waddling through bottlenecks like a penguin as you make your way from stage to stage.  By all rights, this sounds like a miserable experience.

But the nights are mild, the polo grounds make for comfortable beds, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see a moment like the one above.

EDIT: I also learned that shooting concert video with a cellphone camera is pretty much useless.

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