Google Location History

I’ve been playing with Google Latitude, which is Google’s location based service for a couple weeks now.  I set up my phone to periodically chirp my GPS location to Google, and now it’s starting to compile and analyze that data for me.

I should note that the privacy settings for this are extensive.  Google seems a little terrified of the inevitable Big Brother accusations that will come from this service, so everything is opt-inned and double-checked like woah.  They also send you periodic emails to remind you that location history is on.

So clearly, I need to go out more, but it’s still pretty amazing that, without any other input from me, the service figured out where I live, where I work, and even noted the “big trip” I took to comic-con a few weeks ago.

Also there is this cuteness:

I’m probably gonna leave it on for a while.  I mean, come on, they give you graphs!

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