In 25 Years

2010 11/15

This is a pretty sweet idea: a video internet time capsule.

I recorded one a couple months ago, and as a result I’m in this promo video. Hey, that’s not my favorite shirt anymore. How quickly things change!


2010 11/08

Charlie hits some hilariously good phrases in this solo, and the melody is great. Transcription is from the Omnibook, as usual.

In this week’s challenge, both Youtube and Vimeo failed to completely satisfy this animation of Bird’s “Confirmation.” That’s because they’re dumbing down the stream to a low quality 360p or 480p, BUT if you set it to play the HD feed, you’ll basically get the original 720p file that I exported from final cut. AND I just realized you can SET THE EMBED TO DEFAULT IN HD!!!!

Au Privave

2010 11/01

A standard of the highest jazz order, this was one of the first Real Book tunes I memorized. Transcription is from the Omnibook.

Animations can be pretty demanding on the transcoding of internet videos. Last year I uploaded a version of Giant Steps to Vimeo, but under their encode every note seemed to drag a frame or two behind the audio. Video streaming just isn’t built for this kind of exacting sync. HD has helped.

Both sites handled Bloomdido pretty damn well, but for this Youtube just can’t seem to interpret the keyframes correctly. Vimeo has taken the lead in my personal standings.

CODEC NERD UPDATE: You can set youtube embeds to default to HD (&hd=1), and that solves this display problem. Youtube back at the head of the pack!


2010 10/25

I dug through my transcription books and pulled out Jamey Aebersold’s amazing Omnibook, which has an obscene amount of great Charlie Parker notation.

The only challenge was settling on which song to animate, as there were literally a dozen that I really wanted to play with.  I settled on 3, Bloomdido being the the first one.

Waaaah Waah Wah

2010 09/07

Fair warning, this is a weird one. Well, all of Doug’s videos are weird ones. This is a weird one with me in it briefly.

Kurt Runs

2008 02/27

Kurt is late for his wedding. Shit.

Almost Wednesday: Episode 3

2008 02/11

Almost Ash Wednesday