Kitty Litter

2007 05/27

The agency of Johnson Johnson and Jackson is totally nailing these pitches for cat litter commercials.



2007 05/12

Okay, you have to be careful here. This sketch has been kicked off of Yahoo! Video and Super Deluxe for being too racy. It’s still up on Youtube, but with a age limit. Watch carefully…

Everyone has a first time. This is yours.

Kurt and Dan’s Overly Sentimental Tribute to Themselves

2007 04/29

This is a tribute that we made for ourselves as a joke. The idea was to make it ridiculously hokey and sentimental. Unfortunately, I think I did too good a job because when it was played at the ECW show it got lots of “Awwww”s and the girls in the troop cried. Ridiculous.

My Step Dad is a Warlock

2007 04/19

My Step Dad is a Warlock - Dan

Come see it! Emerson College’s Cabaret. Sunday, April 29th @ 8:00pm

Update: The show, my last as a performer in ECW, went off brilliantly. Eric Larnick, ECW guru called it “one of the tightest shows we’ve ever done.” High praise, good crowd response, a few ridiculous sketches. It was a nice send off. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us and our stupid comedy. We love you guys.

celebrity sighting

2007 03/26

After the ECW show on sunday, a bunch of us went to a nearby bar. Justin Timberlake was there. Then I left.

That’s a true story.

Aerosmith Live! (not really)

2007 03/23

Stalin Flyer

The latest ECW show was one we all thought would be a really great show. and it could have been… if more people had showed up. A bad weekend to have a show, I guess. I don’t know. Thanks to everyone that did show up. We had a lot of videos, and I liked that about it.

Officially Funny

2007 03/23

Being in a comedy troop makes life so much easier. From the ECW show “ECW Presents Aerosmith Live! (not really).