Giant Steps Hits 7 Digits

2010 09/27

This is by far the most popular video I have ever made.  I feel like I blinked and missed it crossing the million view threshold.  Pretty crazy for a experiment in jazz sheet music animation.  Here are some sweet graphs that describe the response over the past 3 years:

And there’s this neat comment cloud that summarizes the words people use to react in the youtube comments section:

In context, almost all of this praise belongs to Mr. Coltrane, but I’m glad people like the video.  I should really make a follow up.

Common Names

2009 08/17

Earlier in the week I was having a discussion about this exceptionally unexceptional name of mine. There were anecdotes about the other Daniel Cohen I went to camp with, and the Daniel Cohens I went to Emerson with, but in the end my friend Jessica, who likes to turn everything into a competition, shocked us all by turning it into a competition.

As one of many, many Dan Cohens, I am immune to being googled, but not Wolfram Alpha’d:



Daniel+Jessica 2

Combined with the stats on Cohen (surname), there are very probably 75 people alive today in the United States named after or before me, and that number seems a little low. Thankfully, my parents blessed me with a weird and wonderful middle name: Oets.

Googling “Oets” nets you the subtle suggestion that you’ve made a typo attempting to spell “poets,” and after that you’re wading into my family lineage. Uncle Oets is there, and the great grandfather I’m named after. Meanwhile, Wolfram Alpha says:


Damn that feels good.

This is a Cool Graph

2009 08/01

how long will it last

via New Scientist

Another Cool Graph

2009 07/25


And the song it illustrates.

via Wired

Red Sox 6 – Orioles 4

2009 07/18


Still one of the greatest memories of my life.  Thanks, Papi.

I Love a Good Graph

2009 07/13

futuristic movie timeline

But apparently likes them even more than I do.

early beach boys hit song topics

usa sitcom map

nyc sitcom map

sit-com houses

the trilogy meter


2008 03/21

CatchphrasesFor the period of 1 year I kept track of my catchphrases. It came naturally, I simply recognized when I was saying something so much that it reached a “catchphrase” level of over-saturation. From there, all it took was a simple excel spreadsheet, some free time, and a willingness to admit that I’m utterly pathetic.

2005 06/01 – “Gay.”
2005 07/23 – “Deal with it. Rock and Roll.”
2005 09/06 – “Heh-Heh. Allllriiiight.”
2005 10/14 – “Booyakasha!”
2005 10/22 – “It was cool, but can you imagine doobie-in’ your funk?”
2005 11/22 – “Hulk SMASH!”
2006 01/01 – “Booyakasha!” (again)
2006 02/01 – “COME ON!”
2006 04/08 – “Oooooh, Racist.”
2006 05/10 – “Fact!”
2006 05/29 – “Snakes on a Plane.”

Catchphrase Timeline Illustration

That’s it, a full year in the life of D. Co’s catchphrases. Looking back on it, I’m amazed that I said some of that stuff with great repetition.