Almost Wednesday: Episode 3

2008 02/11

Almost Ash Wednesday

Almost Wednesday: Episode 2

2008 02/11

An interview with the author of Robotcop Too.

Read the novel.

Almost Wednesday: Episode 1

2008 02/11

A Series of Ill-Advised Heath Ledger Jokes.

Tuesday, January 22nd 2008. A chronology:

12:30 Heath Ledger is found dead in his Manhattan apartment.

3:00 Kurt, Eric and I start re-writing Kurt’s monologue for the night’s show, using Ledger’s passing as the funny.

3:30 We suddenly have a dozen new jokes to choose from. The rest of the monologue is thrown out.

7:00 Things spiral out of control. More people get involved. The entire sketch is thrown out and re-written.

11:00 Kurt goes on stage.

11:05 Kurt leaves the stage.  He shouts “GET A NEW AUDIENCE!”
Fred’s response – “I think we’ll have to.”

Peaches en Regalia

2006 12/16

Emerson Comedy Workshop’s latest show, “Trail Mix of Tears”, was received well despite an embarassing lack of video content. Here is the intermission skit, which was pretty much the only thing from the show that works as a video. Special thanks to Frank Zappa, who rules despite the fact that he’s dead now.