The Man

2007 09/28

Youtube has been forced to take down my “Shame on a Simpson” video because of alleged copyright infringement. Fine.

At its time of death, my video had:
and 4.5 stars

It was a good piece of fair use art, in my opinion. Luckily, some other people on youtube liked the video enough to download it and host it themselves:

Maybe we’ll keep handing this off like it’s the Watergate story. That would be fun.


2006 12/16

Final project for Computer Animation 1. This short was generated using Maya software. A whole lot of extremely time-consuming fun.

Knight Rider

2005 08/27

Based on the Timbaland and Magoo song, “Clock Strikes (Remix)”, this is an alternate opening sequence for Hasselhoff’s classic 80’s action serial. All clips from Season 1.

The Distance

2005 08/01

Cake’s “The Distance” combined with a re-edit of Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s bizarre short, “The Running Man”. Weirdness results. I’ve been accused of anime fan editing ever since.

Giant Steps

2005 07/23

This is what John Coltrane’s landmark tune and solo look like when they come to life on paper.

If you try to play along, you may notice that the transcription for the head is transposed for C and the solo’s in Bb. Weird, I know, but the transcription book that I based this on was in concert.

You can buy the sheet music here.

Shame on a Simpson

2005 05/31

It’s cool just to watch “The Simpsons” on mute with Wu-Tang Clan’s “Enter the Wu-Tang” blasting. This is a bit more work.

UPDATE: Had to change the link when the Fox Broadcasting Corporation forced Youtube to take it down.

Grey Music Video

2001 06/15

One of my high school bands was “Grey” and this is a music video we made, produced while at the New York Film Academy. I played bass and directed.