Gizor and Gorm

2006 11/11

A film II project that I worked by butt off Assistant Directing. I think it turned out really well.

A Kiss is a Kiss

2006 04/30

Two strapping lads fight for the affections of a lady-friend in this screwball comedy. I edited this film for Film II class, and ended up doing a significant amount of the sound design as well.

MHD Monster (Preview)

2006 04/12

The proposal video for mine and Adam Mack’s BFA documentary. The project was later reimagined entirely due to production problems.

Jeff and Matt Rob a Bank

2006 01/17

Two slackers plan on robbing a bank, but things don’t quite go as planned. The final project for Film 1 class at Emerson College.


2006 01/03

A short montage of family members playing chess. Filmed as the second assignment for Film 1 class at Emerson College.

A Very Good Cigarette

2005 12/20

A man thoroughly enjoys his cigarette break. Filmed as the first assignment for Film 1 class at Emerson College.

Tommy’s Better Looking

2001 06/30

The final project for my New York Film Academy stint. A man’s life is changed drastically when he finds a mysterious bottle of pills on the ground. Music by Grey.