Dad on Fox Business

2008 03/26

Trying to get the word out about Investors Against Genocide.

Kurt Runs

2008 02/27

Kurt is late for his wedding. Shit.

Almost Wednesday: Episode 3

2008 02/11

Almost Ash Wednesday

Almost Wednesday: Episode 2

2008 02/11

An interview with the author of Robotcop Too.

Read the novel.

Almost Wednesday: Episode 1

2008 02/11

A Series of Ill-Advised Heath Ledger Jokes.

Tuesday, January 22nd 2008. A chronology:

12:30 Heath Ledger is found dead in his Manhattan apartment.

3:00 Kurt, Eric and I start re-writing Kurt’s monologue for the night’s show, using Ledger’s passing as the funny.

3:30 We suddenly have a dozen new jokes to choose from. The rest of the monologue is thrown out.

7:00 Things spiral out of control. More people get involved. The entire sketch is thrown out and re-written.

11:00 Kurt goes on stage.

11:05 Kurt leaves the stage.  He shouts “GET A NEW AUDIENCE!”
Fred’s response – “I think we’ll have to.”

EXACTLY How to Cook a Turkey

2007 11/23

How me and Frankie spent Thanksgiving.


2007 10/14

I haven’t done one of these in a while.

Joshua Redman’s Hide and Seek.