2009 07/27

longueura tedious passage in a work of literature or performance art.


2009 07/14

You’ve seen it around. You’ve probably used it.  End a sentence with a question mark and an exclamation point and you’ve pretty much done it.  “She did what?!” It isn’t just cool, it’s got an awesome name. The interrobang. Go interrobang someone right now and see how it feels.

Apparently there are a dozen other less than well known alternative punctuations marks.

  • sarcasm mark – ¡
  • irony mark – 6px-Irony_mark_full.svg
  • doubt point – 13px-Point_de_doute.svg
  • certitude point – 13px-Point_de_certitude.svg
  • acclamation point – 10px-Point_d'acclamation.svg
  • authority point – 10px-Point_d'autorité.svg
  • indignation point – 7px-Point_d'indignation.svg
  • love point – 15px-Point_d'amour.svg


2009 07/11

avuncularof, pertaining to, or characteristic of an uncle

This is currently my favorite word.


2009 07/07


the act of kissing; a kiss.

I’m glad there’s a nice clinical word out there to describe one of life’s great intimacies.