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Giant Steps Shame on a Simpson Tetris Knight Rider The Distance

Animating in your spare time is nice because it doesn’t cost any money. You don’t have to deal with actors, and all it takes is some free time. Okay, a lot of free time. It’s clear that my animations are what people get the most out of on Youtube, so I suggest checking them out first.


Kurt Runs Kitty Litter VCR Sex Yo This Guy Sucks! Videostore
PSAs Officially Funny Peaches en Regalia What to Wear? Alien Invasion

These are mostly sketches written and produced for Emerson Comedy Workshop. Sketch is my favorite format for student film making because it’s incredibly hard to be pretentious when all you’re doing is trying to make people laugh. In that respect, ECW is perhaps the least pretentious Emerson comedy troop. During my time there, we were known for gross and shock humor. We were the troop that would do or say anything. This may sound like easy comedy, but it allowed us to really experiment with comedy and take risks.


And now for the seedy underbelly of student filmmaking. View these as more of a catalogue of the student learning process. Many of these are meerly exercizes in the use of camera and editing. That said, my mother feels they show great promise.

3 Responses to Video

  1. Remi Merlo says:

    Dear Mr. Cohen,
    Would you happen to have Coltrane’s Giant steps solo for alto sax with or without the wonderful living notes on the page (is it called animation??)? If not, I’ll just have to transcribe it myself. Net technology is new to me but if you need a Youtube address mine is “soundwithin”. Trane is within forever. hearing is believing

    • Hi Daniel!

      I am an amateur musician from England, currently residing in Paris. I have recently written and recorded a song about the problem of alcoholism and in particular the loneliness associated with it. I believe you produced a documentary/video called “DRINK” with Adam Mack. It was inspiring and well produced and I would like to add a couple of samples from the video to the backing track. May I have your permission to do this?

      Note that I am only an amateur and that my track “Loneliness” is & will not be intended for any commercial purposes.

      For your interest, please find the words of the track below

      Kind regards,

      Marius Gudonis
      (aka “Pinche Canario)

      – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      “LONELINESS” by Pinche Canario


      I just don’t care
      If no-one’s there
      Who gives a damn?
      I’m gonna drink away
      My loneliness tonight.

      Verse 1

      Gave a call to John
      He’s nowhere to be found
      Steven’s at his mum’s .
      And Zoe’s mobile’s off.

      Pauline’s always busy
      She’s never had the time
      My mother is on holiday
      I need some place to stay.

      Verse 2

      I’m getting desperate by the minute
      Sending SMSs
      Where is Cathy when I need her?
      Terry’s gone away.

      What’s the use of email?
      When replies are always late
      It’s at this very point
      I need somebody here.

      Culminating verse

      Now I’ve got a friend
      And he’s 24/7
      But he’s dangerous to me
      And he’ll kill me in the end.

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