2009 09/14

clicker_danToday the startup I work for officially launched at TechCrunch50. If you want, you can check out our CEO’s presentation here.  It’s not long, and god damn it, this site is pretty cool.

This ends months of secrecy and intrigue and marks the beginning of a new era of secrecy and intrigue. Sign up for super-exclusive private beta here.

The party continues tomorrow, as clicker looks like it has a decent chance at winning this thing.

You’ve Been Schmapped

2008 04/27 selected this photo, taken from the Lincoln Memorial overlooking the Washington Monument, to rep D.C. It’s some kind of social networking tourism site.

Pretty cool, I guess.

Dad on Fox Business

2008 03/26

Trying to get the word out about Investors Against Genocide.

Darfur protest

2008 03/20

Little sister is frozen in time by news photographers, and I think it’s nice to see her collegiate idealism will be preserved forever. When she grows up and becomes a hardcore conservative, we’ll all be able to point her back to this embarrassing display of belief in justice and equality (just kidding, Miranda).

Miranda Cohen, of Lexington, Mass., center, pickets with the group Investor Against Genocide outside a Fidelity Investments shareholders meeting in Boston, Wednesday, March 19, 2008. Shareholders rejected a proposal to block investments that may contribute to genocide in places such as the Darfur region of Sudan. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds)

Seriously though, it’s a good cause. If you’re anti-genocide (and I hope you are) please do what you can to support Investors Against Genocide.

Missing Posts

2008 03/03

Blank PolaroidI decided I shouldn’t be blogging about certain subjects while I still live in certain areas.

Instead, enjoy this article on how to kill a 500 foot monster.


2007 10/16


A light earthquake occurred at 1:53:43 AM (PDT) on Tuesday, October 16, 2007.

The magnitude 4.2 event occurred 5 km (3 miles) N of Wrightwood, CA.

The hypocentral depth is 3 km ( 2 miles).

The earthquake felt like someone slamming the front door of our apartment.

I barely noticed it, Frankie slept through it, and Kurt thought it was Frankie masturbating so hard that it shook the couch.

The Man

2007 09/28

Youtube has been forced to take down my “Shame on a Simpson” video because of alleged copyright infringement. Fine.

At its time of death, my video had:
and 4.5 stars

It was a good piece of fair use art, in my opinion. Luckily, some other people on youtube liked the video enough to download it and host it themselves:

Maybe we’ll keep handing this off like it’s the Watergate story. That would be fun.