Polaroid Dans

Boy, there sure are a lot of Dan Cohens. I’m one of the three that graduated from Emerson College in 2007 with a BFA in film.  I guess that’s not quite enough… Well, I’m the one that made that Giant Steps video, which is probably why you’re here.

This site is a collection of student artwork and extra-curricular projects made during the past few years.

10 Responses to Info

  1. Charles Limb says:

    Hello Daniel,
    I am a music researcher who focuses on improvisation. Your John Coltrane / Giant Steps video is really great–would you mind if I showed it at some lectures on improvisation? I would give you full credit of course, however you would like it written. Let me know if you have any questions and what you think.

    Charles Limb
    Assistant Professor
    Johns Hopkins Hospital

  2. Cliff Kulwin says:

    Just wanted to say that your Giant Steps video on YouTube is marvelous. I have watched/listened to it many times and have learned a great deal by doing so. Thank you for having put in the effort.

  3. Dan
    Would like to use you video, Alien Invasions (Part 1) for a meeting we’re having next Wednesday, but there is no internet connection. Would it be possible to get a copy of the video? I’ve also sent you an email via YouTube–which I’m new to–not sure how all that stuff works.
    Dennis Desmond
    Land Stewardship Coordinator
    The Land Trust for the Little Tennessee

  4. Mike says:

    PLEASE tell me ’bout GIANT STEPS; how/what did you use to create that?!?

    found via thread: link to sonicmagazine (bearfamily are curators of roots/americana)

    music fans see :,!!!

    {Mr. Limb, re: improv, …………see:, go to videos for ‘baroque improvisation’}

    thanx, mike

  5. Thane Plambeck says:

    Yep, that’s why I’m here, that Giant Steps video.

    But I liked the Kitty Litter video, too, so much that I put it on my Facebook page


  6. Marco says:

    Hi Daniel,
    my name is Marco and i’m italian Jazz student.
    I’m preparing my thesis for the Jazz Course at the Conservatory of Naples.
    I saw your great video of Giant Steps on youtube.
    For my thesis i want to prepare a dvd on life and music of Michel Petrucciani.
    I would add the “interactive scores” of the solos transcriptions that i made.
    If you could give me an advice to realize similar video be an important thing!
    Excuse for “my English” and thanks anyway for your attention!

    Ciao Marco!

  7. Jonathan says:

    HI Daniel,

    Where can I find all the music sheets your are referring to in your Giant Steps video in like a .pdf format?

    Thanks a lot,


  8. Great video animation of the monumental Giant Steps by JC. Anyone who’s a sax player has attempted to learn that solo which has been around since some Berklee professor transcribed in the seventies!!!

    Congrats on your animation skills. It must have taken you a very long time to do it!!! The timing between the music and the artwork is quite stunning! I noticed that you might do a similar thing for Charlie Parker! Good for you. You should do Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, Oscar peterson and Art Tatum next!


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