Kurt and Dan’s Overly Sentimental Tribute to Themselves

2007 04/29

This is a tribute that we made for ourselves as a joke. The idea was to make it ridiculously hokey and sentimental. Unfortunately, I think I did too good a job because when it was played at the ECW show it got lots of “Awwww”s and the girls in the troop cried. Ridiculous.

Officially Funny

2007 03/23

Being in a comedy troop makes life so much easier. From the ECW show “ECW Presents Aerosmith Live! (not really).

Martian Luther Thing

2006 11/03

Martian Luther Thing Flyer - Dan

This will be the first comedy show at Emerson that I’ve been to. And I’m in it. Boy am I self-centered. Hey everyone! Look at this picture of me! me! me! me!