Lego Architecture Series

2009 08/08

Lego Guggenheim Set

Lego Falling Water Set

Frank Lloyd Wright makes a lot of sense to kick off the series, but I’m hoping Gehry is next in line.  Imagine a thousand of those pegged little rectangles attacking the curves of Fred & Ginger. Anyway, these are the first 2 of 6 planned FLW buildings. Want.

Lego for Adults

2009 07/29

lego for adults 3

lego for adults 5

lego for adults 4

lego for adults 1

lego for adults 2

Cool artistFrench magazine = Explanation.

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New Lego Campaign

2009 07/12

Lego Tiananmen Square

Lego Fall of the Berlin Wall

Ali KOs Liston


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