Alien Invasion spreads

2007 03/18

hi Daniel,

I work for the National Park Service on invasive plants, I saw your video on
invasive plants, and I was wondering if I can show at a Southeast Exotic
Pest Plant Council Symposium next week? I thought our group would get a
kick out of it.


(Super High Ranking Official Dude)

Hot Muscle Men

2007 02/15

I posted a Film II project onto recently, a film I can only incidentally take credit for.

Anyway, I tagged it with the words “HOT” “MUSCLE” and “MAN”. Gizor and Gorm is now one of my top videos with over 700 views in just 4 days or so. The movie does have some hot muscle men in it, so I don’t feel too bad about my ruthless marketing. I will now go design the new Carrot Top hosted Nokia ad campaign.


Gizor and Gorm